Forum Title: Dear fellow plumbing professionals - share your nightmares
Hello all,ive been doing this as a professional for 23 years,,,, just wondering,do you worry about your jobs after you leave? Lets take something like a basic compression angle stop,how many of you worry about leaks and or floods after youve checked it several times and left the job? Ive been struggling with this lately,the "what ifs". Its driving me mad!Has anything ever went seriously wrong? Share your nightmare!
Category: Plumber Post By: HOWARD GRAY (Brea, CA), 05/18/2016

i was accused of burning down a house by the home owner. they said i started it on fire fixing a leak funny thing, the water piping was not copper, it was cpvc the arson investigator wanted to talk to them after i told him that.

- KELLY BELL (Pembroke Pines, FL), 09/10/2017

3 story dorm. job is complete, final walk thru 2nd floor, i see a drp under a sink, i reach in to tighten the nut on aa angle stop, it blows off in my hand. i drop to the floor, put my palm over the pipe and hold back water. i am screaming, turn off the water, BUT, building is finished i am in a bathroom on the 2nd floor, ac is running and door is closed no one can hear me..about 45 minutes later, they are wondering where the hell i am. they turned off the water, after i was found, i had let out about a gallon of water, i had a hole in my hand for 2 mths. or. you know how the water to the meters is always soft copper ? the meter was looking down, needed to be leveled to hook up i reached in the hole, grabed the meter and pulled it up SNAP pvc not copper I am instantly in a mud hole. ONLY way to turn this MF off is with a dressor clamp and a valve easier said than done. 30 minutes later, water off, and i am going home...i dont give a damn good by

- JEFF HARPER (Kettering, OH), 09/11/2017

A lot of things occurred when making repairs that you have to keep track of. Like faucets opened to drain a system. You turn the water back on and forgot to close that one faucet that had a slow sink drain. As you walk back into the unit the water is overflowing onto the floor. The one that bothers me the most sometimes is screwing a threaded nipple into a fitting inside a wall. You can't see it to see if it is leaking when you turn water back on. I can only whisper to myself Hope I don't get that call about something leaking in the wall I cleaned a laundry drain through a stand pipe once. I must have knocked out the drain tube form the water softner. Later that night, it cycled and flooded the guys home. Hard wood floors and cost my boss about 30K. He likes me, I'm still working for him. You've been doing it for 23 yrs. You must have some stories of your own. I try not to loose any sleep over it. $hit happens. Check, double check and then check it again. I can be very forgetful about things but I try to focus on what I am doing when I'm working. Especially when I'm burning something inside a wall.

- JIMMIE BALL (Palm Bay, FL), 09/23/2017

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