Forum Title: Kinked Flexible Copper Gas Lines?
Just had some gas lines installed for my patio area. Some of the lines will run to fire columns (~20-30K BTU) and one larger one will run to a fire table (~200K BTU). Upon inspecting the job, I noticed that some of their flexible copper tubing runs from the valve box they installed appeared to be kinked when attempting to make 90 degree turns. Can someone tell me if these bends are problems? If so, can they cut and install elbow joints or does the entire line need to be rerun? Not familiar with flexible copper and whether it has to be a single uninterrupted run. Not sure the size of these lines (I could go measure but LINE #1 (fire table) in the pics is definitely much bigger than LINES #2 and #3 (fire columns). Thanks.
Category: Plumber Post By: DIANE TORRES (Urbana, IL), 02/27/2017

Yeah I would call whoever installed them and tell them they need to get their ass back on over and fix what they broke with brand new pipe.

- ANTONIO FISHER (West Des Moines, IA), 09/02/2017

The installers did not use common, basic gas line installation tools and destroyed the copper tubing. It all must be completely replaced with new. No safe way to repair.

- DEBORAH CLARK (Overland Park, KS), 09/29/2017

That section of pipe is toast. A disaster waiting to happen. I have no experience in gas, so I cannot offer advice on how it should be repaired, but I do know that line should definitely not be in service. Also, is there nothing protecting that line? It's bad news to just bury copper in the ground bare. It should be sleeved/insulated.

- MAE HARMON (Clearwater, FL), 10/15/2017

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