Forum Title: Kitchen Faucet Hose?
Hi All, I'm a beginner needing some basic help. The hose connecting our kitchen sink water faucet to the water supply is leaking and needs to be replaced. However, the basic hardware stores and big-box stores don't seem to have the exact part that we need -- a standard hose won't work. They seem to have the wrong connector. And I can't figure out how to find the hose online or whatever, because I can't figure out the brand/model of our particular faucet head. Can someone help me figure out what part/parts I need to get, given the existing system? I've attached a bunch of pictures that should hopefully answer any questions, but if not, let me know what else you'd need to comment. Thanks so much! NoPlumberNoCry
Category: Plumber Post By: JONATHAN FLORES (Prescott Valley, AZ), 02/04/2016

Contact the faucet manufacturer for replacement parts. If you do not know the manufacturer and your local plumbing suppliers do not carry a similar part, replace the faucet. Often when the hose or spray head goes bad on the type of faucet you have, the entire faucet has to be replaced.

- IVAN LUNA (Wichita Falls, TX), 09/06/2017

Post a picture of the faucet. Someone may be able to identify it.

- HERBERT FRANKLIN (Novi, MI), 09/20/2017

John, here's one additional photo of the full assembly...can anyone help identify?

- RONNIE FIELDS (Corona, CA), 10/07/2017

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