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Hello all! Story is we had a sewer line collapse, old orangeburg, which caused us to forcefully remodel our bathroom. We decided to have a new tub, vanity, and toilet put in. These were small adjustments to the existing fixtures in the original bathroom. The plumber hired did the work, but ever since the we can't have 2 facets running at the same time. We have checked all valves, called the city. They ran a pressure check and found we are getting 60psi with no facets on. Once a facet turns on it drops to 30psi. Two facets 10psi. Shut of the facets simultaneously and instantly it snaps to 60psi. The plumber blames corrosion in the supply line to the house. However looking at his plumbing, I found places where he went from 1/2" supply lines into 3/4" then back to 1/2". There is also numerous connectors and elbows. This is PEX. I didn't think you needed so many joints using PEX. For the pressure snapping back to 60psi so quickly I don't believe it's blockage in my lines. There is no galvanized under the house, and no problem before his work. Any input is appreciated!
Category: Plumber Post By: ARMANDO ROBBINS (Spartanburg, SC), 06/16/2016

You don't have a pressure problem, you have a flow problem. Sounds like the 1/2 pex he used might be the problem.

- BRANDON GOMEZ (Paramount, CA), 09/04/2017

If the supply is 3/4 CTS, the PEX should be 1 and 3/4 to the fixture (decreased PEX ID).

- EVA MONTGOMERY (Chattanooga, TN), 09/21/2017

I agree it's error on his part, and he is not taking responsibility. You would think if the service to the house is 3/4 it should remain 3/4 until it must be stepped down for fixtures. Not sure why he did it the way he did. I'll have a layout on here soon.

- BRETT RHODES (Pueblo, CO), 09/29/2017

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