Forum Title: Running Sewage from Barn to House.
Hello Everyone! I've got a fun project i've been quoted 5 figures for =( Time for a new project I think! As usual, I want to make sure I don't have to do anything twice, and want to confirm a few things from those that know what they're doing! I'm looking to put a bathroom and kitchen in my Barn but require water feed and sewage hookup to / from my house. I live in New England, and the frost line is 4' deep. The existing sewage line in the house I'd like to hook up into is only 2-3' under ground level, and since i'd need a pitch and to start 4' deep the other end, I'm guessing gravity is impossible, and i'll need some form of pump. I've drawn 2 diagrams below to help explain my idea, my questions are this; 1. Does the setup I'm planning look like It'll work fine? (2nd story to basement pump. 4ft deep out barn foundation, 45' flat span, then into house foundation. The sewage line can only really tie in by coming up then down again above a supporting wall which is approx 3-4 feet above the entering line, and then 2 feet down again after the wall? 2. What kinds of pump / power is need for that span? Can you suggest models online I can buy? 3. Can i run a water pipe above the sewer to avoid digging two trenches? What kind of pipe and thickness should i get for the sewer? do I just bury it in soil, or is it encased in a larger pipe? What kind of pipe for the water, do i just bury it or encase it? 4. Anything else I need to know, or that you suggest? Many thanks in advance! Looking to do this before the frost sets in!! G Plan In the house basement
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couple questions

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