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I recently purchased a small ranch with a house that was mostly completed. It's lacking some of the finishing work and I'm trying to do it myself to save money. I need to install the sink counters and plumbing and in one sink I don't know what to make of this: I didn't take the best picture angle, but there is a pipe coming out of the wall through the back of the cabinet and connected to a T joint, which is open at the top, and then goes down and out through the drain pipe. I don't know where the pipe is flowing from, but my guess is overflow from the hot water heater in an attic above. I am most definitely not a plumber and don't know what to do with this so that I can install the sink. Suggestions?
Category: Plumber Post By: STEVEN JACKSON (State College, PA), 04/03/2017

go find your ac unit. i bet you it is the condensate drain from th unit when you hook up your sink drain. turn the t- stat to no cool tjhen use a y -branch tail piece below the basket strainer before the p trapp glue a barb fitting on the pipe as it exists the wall, use a 5/8 id/1'' od black rubber hose to hook up the drain to y branch

- ELIZABETH JONES (Elyria, OH), 09/22/2017

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