Forum Title: Toilet water inlet supply leak
Hi, New member here, thanks in advance. A week ago, toilet in our master bathroom had a leak in the inlet supply line. We discovered the leak after several hours - and fortunately there was not much water in and around the toilet. We replaced the inlet line pipe, and everything was fine. Now for the last seven days, the bedroom which shares the common wall with our master bathroom (right behind the toilet), has sewage like damp odor. The foul odor is more prominent during day time, and when room\central heaters are used. On closer inspection earlier today, we found wet patch on a small area of carpet in the bedroom. My question is - should i just wait out, and hope the water would dry out and odor would be gone, or is this a serious problem (possibility of ongoing leak - internal pipes, hard to see, and I should call somebody to check out.
Category: Plumber Post By: LOUISE HUGHES (Hagerstown, MD), 03/30/2016

Pull the carpet and padding immediately and set some fans around the area for a few days. If left untreated, water will have the ability to wick up the drywall, turn to mold, and your problem will be way worse. By the way, you are not alone. I had to do this exact thing just last week at my house.

- DEBBIE HARVEY (Conroe, TX), 09/15/2017

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