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We have a 24' straight run of trench drain in our animal shelter. Apparently when the drain was installed it wasn't sloped properly, the water actually flows the opposite direction of the drain outlet. We cant pull the drains out to adjust without having to tear up the concrete and epoxy flooring. Is there something I could pour into the drains (we can remove all the covers), section by section, to create the proper slope that would harden and adhere to the plastic drain sections? Thanks
Category: Plumber Post By: GUY REEVES (Columbus, IN), 06/03/2016

Are they concrete drains or another material? Concrete is pretty easy to float and get the drains flowing the right way.

- KATHERINE ROGERS (Saginaw, MI), 09/25/2017

Those are a polymer based plastic. You can repour the channel bottom but you will have to find a product that will bond. I am thinking something like a Bondo fiberglass repair type material. It's green and comes in one gallon cans and bonds to nearly anything. Really for a level work area those drains should not have been used, should have gone with ACO or another system that is designed to drain one way or the other. At any rate it is fixable.

- CARRIE LAWSON (Worcester, MA), 10/03/2017

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