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My washing machines valves have started dripping. Tightening the bonnet nut stops the leaking but after a while they leak again. I would like to replace the current gate valves with ball valves. The centers of the handles are just about 6 inches apart and I would like to replace them with one of those 1 piece units but I'm not sure if that is possible without moving the existing lines or if there is a 1 piece unit with 6 inch centers. I was just going to add some packing and replace the washers. Also, I turn close the valves when not in use but my wife doesn't and gate valves would be easier to use and more noticeable as to off or on. Took some pics in case my terminology isn't correct.
Category: Plumber Post By: BOBBY HUGHES (Bozeman, MT), 01/15/2016

FWIW, I'm a big fan of the Watts valve shown in havasu's post. Those sweat connectors can be rotated 360 deg after you loosen those screws in front so it is very adaptable. That being said, in your place, I'd remove the packing nut (valve bonnet), wrap 3 or 4 turns of graphite packing around the stem, then reinstall the packing nut. That will more than likely fix your issue and it's easier than other alternatives. FWIW YMMV

- DORA DAWSON (Santa Clarita, CA), 09/13/2017

I'm no plumbing expert but with a one time plumbing adjustment, you would get exactly what you want/need. Found this one at Home Depot but it won't match up without some modifications.

- MABEL MORAN (Blaine, MN), 09/29/2017

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