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We built a house last year and contracted out our plumbing, electrical, and roofing. The house is of post and beam construction. It is open underneath, on a slope, and is 3-4 feet off the ground. For the last several weeks we have noticed a smell of waste gas in portions of the house. Our plumbers said they vented under the house, but I can find no vent. The house did pass inspection through all phases of construction. My questions are: 1. If there is a vent, where might it be? 2. If there is no vent, is it somehow possible to vent out underneath the house? We don't want to spend money to vent through the roof (metal roof, steep pitch, paid cash out of pocket for house) if we don't have to. We have extremely good airflow under the house and have a constant breeze. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
Category: Plumber Post By: LAURA LEE (Muskegon, MI), 10/31/2016

what area of the world do you live in ? pictures of the plumbing under the house please some ares you can use that crappy vent bull**** that is %^^%^&*(*^^^%$%^&*((&%% other areas of the us you can not. vent suposed to go out the roof, you must have at least 1 vent out the roof

- CLAIRE FRANCIS (Round Rock, TX), 09/03/2017

There should be at least one vent through the roof. The vent under the house would be a studor vent.

- ROBERTA GUERRERO (North Port, FL), 09/30/2017

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